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How Exemplary Service Creates Profit

Customer service is the direct connection between your business and your clients. The way you serve your clients and the experiences you provide them with has a major impact on your business' profit. If you’re wondering why exemplary service is so crucial in building profit or how you can provide great service to your clients, we’ve got the answers for you! Let’s break it down.

Great service builds trust

By providing excellent service to your clients, they will naturally trust you more than competing businesses. A client will want to continue to receive services from you and will become loyal clients when every experience they have is a great one. And as we know, it is extremely important to create loyal clients since most of your retail and service profit will be received from loyal clients.

Memorable customer service grows customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value refers to the total revenue you can expect from a single client. Every positive experience a client has with your business increases the likelihood of them returning for more services, and in result, creates a long-standing client. Prioritizing creating a full experience for your client has a direct impact on the customer's lifetime value. If you continue to prioritize this you should have a laundry list of clients who continue seeing you month after month.

Pro tip: Allow clients to make standing reservations, meaning they can schedule their appointments for up to two years with the same provider, at the same time and same day of every month. Stress-free for them and a practically guaranteed booking for you every month.

Receiving referrals from satisfied clients

Word of mouth can go a long way so it’s crucial that your clients are putting in a good word about your business. The more clients you have leaving your salon or spa impressed, the more likely they are to rave about it and recommend you to a friend or family member.

Referrals are one of the most common reasons why clients choose a specific salon or spa. So consider setting up a referral program so both the referrer and the referee receive something special like $10 of their service for each referral!

Simple ways to leave your guests satisfied:

1. Be genuine: Have real conversations with your clients and truly get to know them. 

2. Offer them a drink: Clients might not always take your offer for a glass of water, tea, or coffee but they will notice the kind gesture. 

3. Give a scalp massage at the shampoo bowl: This is a simple way to relax your clients and give them a real spa-like experience.  

4. Stay consistent: Staying consistent with your clients creates an experience they are comfortable with. Being consistent in asking if they would like a beverage when they are checking in or applying a warm towel to their scalp after conditioning or offering them a cozy blanket before their facial starts. All of these positive actions will create a routine your clients are familiar with and leave them feeling satisfied and comfortable. Clients love routine and will notice if you stop providing them with the same protocols and procedures.  

Clients will pay more for better service

More times than not, clients are willing to pay more for a service if the customer service is great and they leave feeling happy and relaxed. However, this does not mean that they disregard the prices of your services. Rather they are aware of the higher cost they are paying and want to ensure they will receive a good service. You will experience more willingness from clients to pay your rates and leave a generous tip if the experience they have is exceptional.

Selling products

We highly recommend describing to your clients each product you are using during their appointment. If they love the results from their service, they will be curious what exactly you used. This is a great opportunity to get products off your shelves and into the hands of your clients. With that being said, every single appointment should end with you walking your client over to the retail shelves to point out exactly what you used on them.

Great service makes it easier to increase prices

Finding the right prices for your business and later increasing your prices can be a challenge and push clients away. However, if you have solid relationships with clients and continue to give all new and returning clients excellent service, they will most likely still choose you as their service provider despite pricing increases.

Exemplary customer service protects relationships

There will be instances where you or a team member might accidentally make a mistake and cause a client to not have the best experience. We understand, it happens! But, rest assured if there is a strong relationship with your client already built with many previous positive experiences, your client will most likely continue to walk through your doors despite the mistake that was made. Most clients will forgive a mistake if they rate the customer service as positive every other time they have come in.

Invest in your customer service today

In the long run, your profit will increase if you pay close attention to your customer service and not correct your own or your teams' errors. Additionally, you will enjoy the lifelong relationships you can build by providing your clients with exceptional service.

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