stand out amongst the competition

Social Media is the way of life today. Many different spas and salons, your competition, are all sharing and promoting themselves on social media in some way. The key for your business to succeed is to ensure you stand out amongst the competition, and as a result, bring more clients through the door. Let us break down the top way you can start promoting your spa business on social media in today’s market.

Consistency Is Key

Having a strong social media presence is one of the most important things you can do for your business, other than providing an incredible service and guest experience. Social media creates brand awareness, and it can do it for you a whole lot faster than other marketing strategies and reach thousands more potential clients. The key to creating brand awareness on social media is by being consistent. You cannot post once a week and expect your page to skyrocket and clients to be running through the door. Social media takes time, and users must trust your brand to engage with you. Shoot for a goal of posting 3x a week on your feed and 3-4x a week in stories, and eventually 5-7 days a week on both.

Success In Video

You have seen it around and it’s not going anywhere - video is here to stay. Videos are a key to growing your social media following and engagement. Get your team comfortable with being on camera or at least behind the camera and encourage them to make content every day when they are taking guests. Or you can dedicate one front desk staff member who loves social media to take videos each day.

Jump on the video trends! Using trending music or voice overs in your videos will help you reach the most users every time you post. To find trending music on Instagram look for the arrow pointing up next to the song, this means it is currently a trending song. Adding text to your videos, using the platforms filters, all these little tools help the platforms algorithm prioritize your video and show it to more users (more on that later).

Stay On Top of Trends

As we stated before, staying on top of trends in your social posts is key to receiving the highest views and engagement which leads to follows, brand awareness and more guests in your spa. Think of trends in every aspect such as, trending music, trending voice overs, trending video styles, trending filters even. You may notice dermaplaning or vampire facials (micro needling) is trending right now across social media, so make sure to post videos of that service! Trends can also stretch into what is trending in the spa industry. Right now, hyper-personalization, in store events and skincare that delivers results is trending in the spa industry, so you will want to make sure to be posting content like this as well, showing your spa keeps up with not only social media trends, but spa industry trends.

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Be Yourself

You may hear this advice when you are about to meet someone new, but we use it in a different sense here. Imagine if your brand had a personality. How would you describe it? Think about your brand, its goals, values and whom it is speaking to. How does it stand out? It is not only important to be yourself when you are showing your face on social media, but that your brand is too! Users want to follow brands that are unique, stand out from the rest, and most importantly, are authentic. Being yourself on social media is something that users can feel. It brings a sense of relatability and trust.

Put Money Behind Your Posts

Consider running ads for your social media pages to share your brand with more people! Paying for social media ads can help generate new followers, engagement on your page and overall brand awareness. Start slow, by just boosting your posts with $5. See how the engagement is for you, consider creating targeted audiences when boosting your posts based on your guests age, interests, etc.

If running social media ads is in your marketing budget, we strongly suggest incorporating it and monitoring its conversions.

Strong Bio & Branded Hashtags

A strong bio on Instagram is necessary! Your bio needs to attract users who are navigating to your profile to learn what your business is and provide them with a call to action.

We also suggest creating a branded hashtag that you can not only use in your posts but also your guest can add to all their own personal stories and posts they take during their service with you. This supports your brand's growth towards brand awareness.

An A+ Bio:
- Spa Name/Esti Name
- Tag line of what you do

“Look and feel your best today!” or “Chicago's premier spa” (Add you branded hashtag here too!)

- “Give us a call”

Add spa phone number

- Book Now!

nclude a direct link that guests can book through

- Your spa’s address

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Learn The Algorithm

You have heard it before - “the algorithm isn’t showing my video to anyone” “the algorithm is tanking my views” “the algorithm keeps changing.” The algorithm on social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok has a mind of its own, and once you start to learn how it works, you will be able to position your posts accordingly for optimal views and engagement. Something valuable to keep in mind is that the algorithm on Instagram and Tik Tok rewards accounts that are engaging on the app. If you are active on the apps, commenting on users' posts, engaging, using Instagram's filters, using their texts on videos, etc., the platform will reward you! If you are using all the functions of the app, then the app will normally reward you for it by pushing out your content in front of more viewers.

We also know that users are more active on social media. Try posting your videos each week during the most active times for the most views and engagement. Staying on trend, delivery quality content and experimenting with social media will all help you get on the algorithms “good side.”

One of the best and sometimes the worst thing about social media is that it is ever changing. One minute something is trending and just as quickly it turns into something else trending. Being flexible and quick on your feet with social media will help you be successful but also – help you have fun with it! Social media really started for the sole purpose of sharing one's life on a platform in a fun way. As users we have altered its purpose to not only that, but to generate a lot of income from the platform, it has become an advertising machine for us. So, let us do our best to utilize that new purpose of it but still enjoy it! We encourage you to promote your business on social, enjoy the process of it, the highs, and lows, and as your efforts increase, so will your sales!