5 Reasons to Own an Ultraceuticals Mini Fridge

The Latest Skincare Tool Has Arrived!

The new year is here! What better way to begin the year than with the latest skincare accessory to take your treatment room to the next level? Introducing the Ultraceuticals mini fridge, created for skin care professionals everywhere. The Ultraceuticals mini fridge is a specially designed skincare fridge that you can use to store your professional tools and products in a singular and dedicated place as well as increase the effectiveness of your favorite tools, and products from our family of Ultraceuticals skincare products. We cannot stop thinking about all the wonderful benefits that owning a mini fridge will provide you.! Not convinced or still wondering what the hype is behind mini fridges and why you should own one? Take a seat because we have five reasons to own an Ultraceuticals mini fridge to share with you.

1) Increased health and treatment benefits

Every skincare professional knows the importance of providing clients with the appropriate treatments they need to feel and look great by reaching their personal skin goals. The Ultraceuticals mini fridge is perfect to store your favorite treatment tools and products in a cold environment that will help achieve this. The mini fridge size is ideal to store multiple types of products in one place and away from other things, including food or medicine. The cooler temperature helps prolong the shelf life of products, as well avoid foreign elements entering your products which could then make their way to your clients’ skin. Another added benefit is helping prolong the shelf life of your products. Ingredients in products such as oils, serums and ointments will last longer and avoid separation that can naturally occur when products are kept at higher or fluctuating temperatures.

Reducing puffiness is a high priority for a lot of people to look and feel younger, as well as to give their skin a healthier skin appearance. Using tools that have been stored and cooled in the Ultraceuticals mini fridge help decrease puffiness and redness when using them on your clients’ faces. Tools like jade rollers or gua sha kept in cooler temperatures will also elevate your clients’ treatment and experience by adding a cooling sensation that feels both relaxing and indulgent.​

2) Putting Hygiene First

The consistent temperature of a mini fridge is also key to staying hygienic. Fluctuating temperatures in different areas of a larger refrigerator can cause inconsistency in the storage conditions of skincare products, reducing their shelf life and effectiveness, as well creating the ideal growth environment for harmful bacteria. The mini fridge concentrates the temperature in a smaller area, providing a consistent temperature to cool and conserve your products and tools. This also keeps them sanitized and ready to be used for your next treatment by creating a sanitary environment where foreign elements will not be able to enter or survive. Lower temperatures help kill harmful bacteria and as we are aware, every skincare professional’s goal is to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for each of their clients, while still providing treatments that are aligned with their client’s specific goals.


Picture this scenario. You are in the middle of a client’s treatment, and you realize you forgot an important product that is part of their service, and you must get it wherever it is stored. You now must stop and go back to the back bar or inventory, including the fridge (where everybody’s lunch might be stored), wasting valuable time and the opportunity to continue connecting with your client. By keeping an Ultraceuticals mini fridge in your treatment room, you can access all products that you might need at an arm’s length. Keep vitamin C, eye masks, or face sheets at hand whenever you need them.


Owning a mini fridge in your treatment room also shows that you are staying current with the trends in the industry, as well as showing your commitment to raising the bar for all your services and treatments. Having a dedicated space to store your tools and products instills trust in your clients by showing them that you are taking care of them before, during and after their services by staying sanitary and with their skin’s best interests in mind. Using products that have been stored in the Ultraceuticals mini fridge are also easier to work into your clients’ skin of the changes in matter that occur as the temperature cools down and firms up products. We have all been there. You accidentally use too much product on a client because of changes in consistency with various products that you use. Placing the mini fridge in a treatment room is also a great sales tactic for the whole skincare team. Your clients trust your esthetician team and by seeing the mini fridge in action, they will be excited to purchase one knowing what it can do for them as they incorporate it as a regular part of their skincare routine. 


Have we talked about beautiful and clean the mini fridge is? The cherry on top of this wonderful Ultraceuticals mini fridge is owning a statement piece that looks amazing wherever you might place it in your clinic. The clean, smooth edges and shiny exterior are a welcome addition to any medispa clinic, spa treatment room and are a great conversation starter for your clients.

We are so excited to offer the new Ultraceuticals mini fridge to skincare professionals. We understand the value that a mini fridge adds to any treatment room, and we know that the benefits listed here are only the beginning. Not only is it helpful, but it also looks amazing! What other ways can you think of using our Ultraceuticals mini fridge to elevate your services?

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