As professionals in the medispa industry, we understand your need for results. Not only does it feel good to watch your client’s progress develop through life-changing treatments, but it also looks good for you as a provider and a business. We understand that from a business perspective, producing results can lead to returning clients, 5-star reviews, and referrals– all of which can help to promote new growth for your company.

One of the more challenging concerns that clients come in with is aging. There are many sources claiming to provide tips and tricks to prevent aging, how to reduce the signs of aging, promoting “effective” products and so on. Clients are becoming increasingly inundated with quick-fix solutions. As professionals, we were educated on what to look for to ensure results. However, we have also been given false promises. We are all determined to help our clients achieve their results, but many cosmeceutical products simply do not last nor provide the results they claim to have promised.

 “We can give people the clear, glowing, firm and healthy skin that transforms lives. We have seen it time and time again.” 

— Dr. Geoffry Heber  

Ultraceuticals offers a different approach to preventative and corrective aging treatments. Not only in the ingredients but also in the way that products are administered. As an Ultraceuticals skin expert, you will be able to provide a completely personalized skincare regime for your clients based on their current skin conditions, long-term goals, and underlying health concerns.

Ultraceuticals is commonly known for having an à la carte treatment plan. Based on concerns, starting point, end goal, and underlying conditions, Ultraceuticals has products for a completely personalized plan for everyone. Aging products often only focus on fine lines and wrinkles, but Ultraceuticals offers a product line that addresses large pores, dehydration, or dullness of the skin, and is not only compatible in treatment but is completely personalizeable.

In tackling the major signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, and dark spots Ultraceuticals offers their Vitamin A Range Serums as a lead defense. Retinol may seem redundant when it comes to anti-aging products. However, the key difference between Ultraceuticals and other products on the market is their gradual step system. These Vitamin A serums come in 3 different ranges, Mild, Serum, and Booster. For clients who are in the preventative stage of aging or new to Retinol, the mild range will provide effective results without causing damage to the skin. After each range is completed, the individual can graduate to the next intensity. Based on your expertise, you can choose to advise your clients a different starting point upon individual consultation.

Current retinols are proven to be extremely harsh on the skin causing negative responses because many retinols only offer one intensity. Even those that are active Retinol users commonly experience reactions such as redness, irritation, flakiness, and discomfort. Applying only one intensity of retinol to the skin can show initial results, but then the skin is not truly able to absorb and react to the administered product like it could. Through the use of a gradual and intense penetrating treatment like Ultraceuticals, the skin is able to acclimate to the various levels of retinol which has been proven effective in the overall treatment and results.

 “To Empower Everyone we touch around the world with real skincare and life changing results.”

— Dr. Geoffry Heber  

Ultraceuticals is a scientifically tested cosmeceutical brand that combines nature with proven science in a revolutionary way. The two top ingredients in the entire product line are Vitamin B Niacinamide and Panthenol. These two Vitamin Bs work together to build up the skin’s barrier. Due to Australia’s severely compromised ozone layer, the effects were proven very intense on the skin, so Dr. Heber developed the Ultraceuticals formula as a preventative measure. Taking a new approach to science, Ultraceuticals also includes natural ingredients to further enhance results. In doing this, Dr. Heber developed a product line that not only corrects but prevents and completely rebuilds the skin’s compromised layers.

The natural side of Ultraceuticals derives much of their ingredients from plants and fruits that are native to Australia. These plants are proven to be effective in brightening and hydrating the skin naturally. The natural ingredients, along with Retinol, are then easily broken down into very fine microparticles that allow for deep penetration of the skin. The combination of the microparticles, along with the delayed delivery system due to the 3-step gradual process, provides long-term positive results.

 “Achieve real and visible results in 90 days” 

— ultraceuticals  

As professionals, we know how important services are to achieving results. While medispa treatments are crucial to the overall success, it is imperative that your clients are aware that 80% of their treatment is dependent upon at-home care.

We believe that product recommendation and purchases should be left up to you, the specialist, to determine what regime is safest and most effective for your client. No client should purchase any Ultraceuticals product without an initial consultation with an Ultra Skin Expert first. This is a cosmeceutical product and it is imperative that clients are not only aware of the potency behind the ingredients, but that they are educated on the collection of products that were selected for them based on their specific concerns.

Regardless if you are a well-established medispa or interested in becoming a part of the medispa industry, Ultraceuticals is extremely unique with their approach, ingredients, and how they distinctly connect their various products with services to maximize results.

Many cosmeceutical products are often seen as aggressive and harsh on the skin. With Ultraceuticals, your client can expect a gradual build-up of the skin’s barrier with no irritation. Even if other cosmeceutical brands are effective and a viable part of your medispa, adding in the Ultraceuticals Moisturizer or Hydrating Serum as a part of your client’s regime can add a significant boost to the overall health of the skin during treatments.

Ultraceuticals provides a specialized treatment plan with their product line to provide optimum results. Treatments include various chemical peels such as the Mandelic and Lactic Peel, Azyme Peel, and the Brightening and Accelerating mask which is compatible with all Fitzgerald types.

With Ultra Skin Solutions, you will now be able to provide a one-of-a-kind treatment plan for your clients that is not only effective, but results-proven and completely original in its approach. You and your clients will have peace of mind in knowing that the aging concerns will be addressed, long-term positive results will occur, and there will be no additional irritation. Ultraceuticals is the official one-stop shop for your client’s aging concerns. In using this one product line, your clients will be provided a completely tailored experience using just one regime. Grow your client’s results with the ultimate guarantee: Real and Visible Results in 90 Days.

Elevate Your skincare business today. Become a wholesaler with ultra skin solutions!  

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