WE’VE LANDED: Chicago, Illinois

 “We can give people the clear, glowing, firm and healthy skin that transforms lives. We have seen it time and time again.” 

— Dr. Geoffry Heber  

At Ultra Skin Solutions, we are proud to partner with a brand that is not only effective and truly one of a kind, but also that is the leading global cosmeceutical brand in the world. Ultraceuticals is known for providing Real and Visible Results in 90 days. Their whole company revolves around this single guarantee, and have spent decades perfecting their products, lines, and results.

Ultraceuticals has officially landed in the United States, and we could not be happier to share their revolutionary product line with you! Their products consist of a wide range of effective skincare products that come perfectly paired with services to provide clients around the world with real and visible results for nearly every skincare condition. Based on your expertise, they also work as an effective at-home regime for clients to stay on top of their skin care in between treatments.

About Ultraceuticals:

By collaborating with renowned universities and leading researchers, Ultraceuticals are leaders in the global cosmeceutical industry, crafting a simple regimen of products that deliver fast-acting (within 90 days) and discernible results to reveal clear, firm, glowing, beautiful skin. With a combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent renowned anti-aging stars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), each product is formulated with safety and maximum effectiveness, so your clients get results that they can actually see.

Australia’s harsh climate and rugged landscapes may seem like tough conditions to grow great ingredients, but it is these ruthless environments that has led to Australia producing some incredibly resilient native plants that work wonders when applied to the skin. Their high levels of antioxidants are part of the reason they are able to survive – and thrive – in this environment. When applied to the skin, these antioxidant-rich natives can help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and protect it from environmental aggressors like UV damage.

Ultraceuticals products have been developed to ensure optimal skin results for customers while balancing this with ingredients that are environmentally considerate where possible. Products and ingredients are also not tested on animals. The Ultraceuticals range encompasses both cosmeceutical-grade home care and professional in-salon and spa treatment products.

We’ve Landed:

Ultraceuticals is known globally for their leading cosmeceutical brand and results. With countries such as New Zealand, Russia, and Ireland all taking part in the Ultraceuticals guarantee, their growth is elevating rapidly. They have officially landed here in the United States, and we could not be happier to finally connect you with this revolutionary brand. States such as Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming have already started connecting with this leading cosmeceutical brand.

At Ultra Skin Solutions, we are determined to connect you with a product line that has proven to be effective for both your business and clients. Your clients will be able to confidently depend on your establishment to provide them with real, visible results for their skin’s concerns. These results reach much farther than just the client though, it impacts your community and overall salon or spa.

Ultraceuticals is still brand new to the United States, therefore you have the prime opportunity to set your brand apart from the competition by hosting a product and service line that is consistently proven effective every time.

Ultra Skin Solutions is hosting an official “We’ve Landed” campaign to properly welcome Ultraceuticals to the United States. Over the next six months, we will be traveling to many states to connect with your business, personally, to discuss how Ultraceuticals can elevate your brand.

The Dalcy Luncheon, Chicago, IL:

Ultra Skin Solutions has officially kicked off our series of events welcoming Ultraceuticals to the United States! We started our launch in Chicago, Illinois at the Dalcy Hall located in the heart of Chicago. During this luncheon we were able to connect a series of elite influencers with salon and spa owners and leaders from in and around the Chicago area to talk about beauty, skin care, and elevating their business.

It was through this event that we were able to bring together individuals within the industry such as beauty influencers, owners, editors, and professionals from all over the nation in one place to sit and discuss strategies and how to stand out. The event was a tremendous success and brought about some great takeaways for everyone involved.

What’s Next for You:

If you could not make the Chicago, Illinois event—no need to worry. We have plenty of events coming up across the country for you to be a part of. We encourage everyone to attend our exclusive event to learn about the beauty industry from various angles. Learn how influencers can help build your brand and image, how products and services can help promote client retention and attract new customers, and how Ultraceuticals can elevate your brand image and results.

Ultraceuticals is a revolutionary brand that has really transformed the cosmeceutical industry and has helped to elevate thousands of salons and spas worldwide. It is through Ultraceuticals that clients with all different skin types are able to see real and visible results within 90 days that are long-term effective and corrective. Become a part of this growing brand through offering exclusive access to your clients through incorporating this brand into your salon or spa.

Elevate Your skincare business today. Become a wholesaler with ultra skin solutions!  

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