5 Reasons Clients Must Wash their Face at Night

Expert Advice from our Estheticians

As an esthetician, how many times do your clients tell you, “I go to bed with my makeup on a few days a week,” or, “I’m too tired to wash my face at night”? As professionals, we know how crucial it is not to skip what might be the most important time to wash the face. We want to partner with our clients, so they see the results they are looking for and the way this can happen is by their at home skincare routine, which accounts for 80% of the results. Here is a refresher on why it is so crucial your patients are washing their face each night so you can provide your clients with your expert advice

1. Remove makeup, dirt and pollutants from the day

Everything your skin encounters throughout the day remains on it until you wash it off. Let’s face it (no pun intended), makeup is just not meant to be worn 24/7! Even if you don’t wear makeup, your face will have some oil on it by the end of the day. And whether you live near the city or not, your skin still comes in contact with dirt and pollutants. If they remain on your skin they can potentially clog pores causing breakouts or dull skin.

Have the same mindset as you do with washing your hands. You wash your hands when they are dirty, so wash your face when it’s dirty too. Ultra B2 Micellar Solution is a great first step in a double cleansing process. It gently removes makeup (including lip and eye makeup) and is safe for artificial lashes. Key ingredients: niacinamide, panthenol and hyaluronic acid which keep skin hydrated. Next, choose a cleanser suitable for skin type. Ultra Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser, Ultra Calming Cleanser or Ultra Brightening Cleanser are all great options.

2. Leaving on eye makeup can cause irritation

Eyes are delicate. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face. All the more reason to take extra special care of this area and treat it gently. There are glands around the eyelashes that can easily become clogged with dirt and makeup which can lead to irritation or even an infection.

While cleansing the face at night, take special care to cleanse the entire eye area thoroughly removing all traces of all makeup especially mascara. If you wear waterproof, use a cleanser made to remove waterproof mascara. Two great options that are safe around the delicate eye area are Ultra B2 Micellar Solution or Ultra Calming Cleanser.

3. Skin repairs at night.

Just like the body and mind rejuvenate and heal at night; our skin does as well. While we sleep, skin cells repair and regenerate more rapidly. At this time, the skin is unaffected by sun, wind, and outside pollutants giving it the optimal environment for repair. Having cleansed skin makes it easier for the repair work to occur, keeping skin looking and feeling its best and ultimately, looking more youthful. This is a perfect time to add in corrective products like Ultraceuticals A Perfecting Serum Range containing Ultr-RETI microparticle technology and advanced Retinol stabilization and delivery technology.

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4. Keep your pillowcase clean

Not washing your face before bed can leave stains on your pillowcase. Even if you don’t wear makeup, there are natural oils on your skin that can soil your bedding. Also, sleeping on a pillowcase with the impurities left from the previous night can set you up for breakouts. A build-up of dirt and oil and dead skin cells end up on the pillowcase. Over several days this can build up and is transferred back to the skin. This can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Besides reminding clients to wash their face, recommend they change their pillowcase every 2 to 3 days and consider using an all-cotton fabric that will absorb moisture.

5. Prepare your skin for nighttime products

Your moisturizer, serums and other treatment products work more effectively on cleansed skin; allowing these products to penetrate better.

An effective cleanser, safe for even the most sensitive skin types, is Ultra Calming Cleanser. It gently lifts and removes debris, oil and makeup while keeping skin calm and pH balanced. Before moisturizer, spritz the face with Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist to help soothe and prepare the skin.

Oftentimes, clients need reminders to encourage them to start healthy skincare habits or continue an at home skin care regimen. They are looking to you, as an expert, for education on products and routines. Make sure you take the time to explain what products do and how to use them. Take your cues from the list above and share with them the reasons not to skip washing their face every evening. This is one step to ensure clients are happy and will return for treatments and products in the future.